Monday, January 12, 2015

Six Months


Bennett's Likes: Daddy makes me giggle all the time, grabbing faces, holding his cheek up against our cheeks, sucking in his bottom lip, all of his new Christmas toys, fuzzy sleepers, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, putting his hands in his mouth ALL the time, constantly blowing raspberries, being a teapot in the "I'm A Little Teapot" song

Bennett's Dislikes: The cold lasted way too long, our poor little sicky!

Not So Sure About: Restaurants- sometimes he likes to sleep through them, and sometimes he liked to be super active and nosey

Weight: Will update after our appointment on 1/19
Length: Will update after our appointment on 1/22
Clothing Size: 3-6 Months still, will make the switch soon to 6-9 month clothes, but we did move to 9 month sleepers
Diaper Size: Still in 2s
Eating Habits: Bennett is eating 5 ounces during the day, 7 ounces at night
Sleep: With his cold, he was waking up again during the night, poor baby!  He's back to sleeping through the night most nights, and if he does wake up, his paci does the trick
Accomplishments: Twisting clicky toys, started oatmeal, and started veggies (peas, green beans and squash so far), rolls both ways, had his first Christmas, discovered his kitty cats and the dogs at Aunt Lee Lee's

Some pictures from the month and Bennett's first Christmas!