Wednesday, August 29, 2012


When I did my post on Saturday, I looked through my pictures on my computer, but I never thought to look through my phone.  It makes so much more sense that some of my favorite pictures with Kadence would be there, since most times I just carry my phone, and not my entire camera.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words,  but these mean so much more than that to us, and I will be forever glad that I asked Kadence to smile for "just one more picture!"  Truth is, it was hard to get a picture where Kadence wasn't smiling.  Even through all her pain and suffering, she was one of the happiest 6-year-olds that I have ever met!!

  One of my favorite pictures.  We were doing Bend-A-Roos- May 12, 2012
Posing with me to take a picture- May 18, 2012
  Wanted a picture like this too once I started taking pictures- May 18, 2012
 After finishing a puzzle- June 13, 2012
 Jason and Kadence playing with Play-Doh- June 13, 2012
Jason and Kadence playing outside... the day he taught her how to kink the hose so the water wouldn't come out if someone was trying to water.  The giggles were INCREDIBLE!!!- June 29, 2012

Our last picture together- July 25, 2012
 My Cuddlebug while watching something on TV- July 25, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Heart Broken

As many of you know, my sweet, incredible niece Kadence lost her battle with HLH early Thursday morning.  I cannot even put into words the hurt that we are feeling.  We are sleep-deprived and emotional, but we wouldn't change it for the world, since we were able to spend as much time as possible with Kadence in her final days.  She had such an infectious laugh and could brighten the entire room, and we will miss her so much that it hurts already thinking about it.

It's easy to be selfish and wish that she was still here with me and us, but I need to keep remembering that she was in so much pain during the treatment of her HLH and she is no longer suffering.  Our little pride and joy is now an angel looking down on us.  We will think of her often, especially when we hear Justin Bieber or see anything on the Disney Channel.  We will forever put puzzles together in your honor and eat Smileys since they were your favorite thing ever!

To be able to remember Kadence and all of the great times and stories are awesome, but the pictures are priceless.

You will always be my number one girl, Kader!!!  I love you to the moon and back!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


In about 30 minutes, Jason and I will be heading to refinance our mortgage on our house, which is very exciting!  We will lower out interest rate by 1.00% and will be able to pay our house off in a little over 17 years.  Thinking that we would be able to have our house paid off in that short amount of time is really awesome!

To celebrate, Jason got to take a trip to Lowes to work on the yard a little bit.  He got some stones to edge our flower beds with, and I will be more than happy to share those pictures as soon as he is finished... he's still outside working on them!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dear Jason- Volume 4

Dear Jason,

I am so incredibly proud of you!  I know that you are giving it your all when it comes to Centrals MiniThon and I am proud to say that you are a part of the team that puts in so much work!  I know it will be challenging this year and it will be a huge commitment, but I will be with you 100% of the way!  You are doing a great thing!

I am glad that you have finally gotten the TV that you want for the basement!  Next up, the TV stand with a built in fireplace for me!  I promise to make much more of an effort to spend time down in the basement with you, since I know how much you love it down there!

I am also proud of you for the way you pitched this week in the playoff game against Dover.  I know that it is really stressful pitching when your team is facing elimination, but you did a fantastic job!  I can't wait to watch you play tomorrow!

I Love You!!... Forever and Always!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fun Saturday!!

I absolutely love going out to eat!  
I absolutely love being snuggled up on the couch watching a movie or recorded shows!
I absolutely love having family game nights!

and now I have a new one to add to the list:

I absolutely love baking and staying busy while my husband has a poker night with some friends!

I have a few recipes that I have been meaning to try, so it was the perfect excuse to break them out, and also make some of the crowd favorite seasoned pretzels! 

I made ranch seasoned pretzels, onion seasoned pretzels, and these amazing peanut butter cookies that I got the recipe from my friend Stephanie!  They were a big hit!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Product Recommendation

Back when we registered for our wedding, I registered for some under the counter organizers, but I never got them.  Of course, I'm not mad since we got SO many other things, but I decided to go back and get them a few weeks ago.  I got two of them for under my bathroom sink.  Tonight, I went back to get two more since I am so in love with how my bathroom looked!

So here is the product.  I like the large one. I feel the medium one serves no purpose. (The large one is the one on the right)
It can be found here, at Bed Bath and Beyond:

I used the product on my bathroom cabinet as previously mentioned, and here is the final result.  I wish I would have taken a before picture, but just an after picture will have to do!

Tonight I used one under the kitchen sink, and I was smart enough to take a before and after picture, so here you go!


If you are looking for anything to organize under your cabinets, I would highly recommend these organizers!