Saturday, April 11, 2015

Nine Months

Bennett's Likes: His Tula, crawling after Chase, bananas, moving from toy to toy, walking, bathtime, foam letters that go in the bath (those like to make an appearance at any time of day), bath books, Mommy reading books before bed- current favorites are Pajama Time, Goodnight Moon and Five Little Monkeys

Bennett's Dislikes:
The word "no" ;-), not being able to move as quickly as he wants, laying on his back

Not So Sure About: The vacuum

Weight: 22 pounds 8 ounces
Length: 30 inches
Clothing Size: 6-9 month clothes, and just ordered 12 month sleepers (still the same as last month)
Diaper Size: Officially in 3's
Eating Habits: He certainly loves his food! He's been getting 3 five ounce bottles, yogurt for breakfast, a fruit for lunch, a veggie and oatmeal for dinner and big bottle (7 ounces) before bed.  He loves Puffs, yogurt melts and crunchies.  He also has tried a few foods cut up in very small pieces, Turkey on Easter was a big hit!
Sleep: He sleeps from around 9-9:30 pm to 8 am
Accomplishments: Third tooth has been pushing through (he now has 2 on the bottom and this one is on the top), waves bye bye, has mastered the army crawl and now real crawling, stands at his toys that are tall, plays peek-a-boo himself, walks while holding hands