Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Eleven Months

Bennett's Likes: Food for sure, Daddy's baseball games, Bananas, Walks in his stroller, Sand at the beach, The Waves (liked those too much), Books, His Camelbak water bottle, Loveys with silk edges, Music, Water Table, Mimicking People's Laughs

Bennett's Dislikes: When other people eat or drink in front of him

Not So Sure About: Strangers, when to be scared like other people are, Crawling in shorts

Weight: We measured 25 pounds
Length: Will measure when we get a chance
Clothing Size: We made the switch to mostly 12 month clothing now
Diaper Size: Size 3
Eating Habits: He has a bottle in the morning and night but eats meals and snacks throughout the day. He LOVES breakfast, it is his favorite
Sleep: Still sleeps around 8:30-8/9 depending on the morning
Accomplishments: Made an elephant sound and lifted his arm like a trunk, says "mo" for more, clicks his tongue to mimic others, walking with his walker, recognizing people and getting excited when they come, points at what he wants, blows kisses the entire way now, gives open mouth kisses, first beach trip

Here is a highlight video of his first beach trip!