Saturday, March 25, 2017

Carson- Ten Months

Carson's Likes: He loves his Mama
Carson's Dislikes:
Sharing with Bennett

Not So Sure About: T

Weight: 2
Length: 2
Clothing Size: Can still fit in 9-12 month clothing, plain 12 if it's Carters
Diaper Size:
Size 3 Swaddlers during the day, sleeps in size 3 baby dry at night
Eating Habits: Loves his Mama's milk still, but is a total foodie.  Many meals, he eats more than Bennett!
Sleep: Still getting up 1-2 times a night
He started saying "Dada" and "byyyye" while waving, attended his first Mini-THON on the outside!

Bennett- Thirty Two Months

This is about how Bennett's block pictures go at this point:

Bennett's Likes: H

Bennett's Dislikes: Going to bed

Not So Sure About: T
Weight: Not sure
Not sure
Clothing Size: All 3T now
Diaper Size: 5 Swaddlers during the day, 6 Baby Dry at night
Eating Habits: H