Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ten Months


Bennett's Likes: His play table, the sit-to-stand walker, giving kisses, "so big," walks in the stroller, going to Daddy's baseball games, feeding himself finger foods, looking out the living room window, ceiling fans again

Bennett's Dislikes: Not being able to climb the stairs, running out of food

Not So Sure About: Dogs- Likes some, not others 

Weight: We measured back up to 22 pounds, he lost some when he was sick
Length: --  inches
Clothing Size: Still in 6-9 month clothes, we will make the switch to 9-12 over the weekend, and 12 month sleepers
Diaper Size: Size 3
Eating Habits: He is a foodie.  He has a 5 ounce bottle in the morning, yogurt and/or a banana for breakfast, lunch is a fruit, bottle sometime before lunch or after a nap, dinner is a veggie and meat and anything cut up that we give him.  He finishes the day off with a 7 ounce bottle still
Sleep: He sleeps from around 9 pm to 8 am most days, but lately he must be in a growth spurt because today he took a 5 hour nap and the other morning he slept until 10 am
Accomplishments: We are up to five teeth (two on the bottom and three on the top), gives kisses (open mouth), does "so big," eating big people food, standing along the couch and moving from one part to another, waves bye bye, and is starting to make the motion to blow kisses