Monday, December 5, 2016

Bennett- Twenty-Eight Months

Bennett's Likes: He loves trucks-- all things trucks.  He even watches Mighty Machines on Netflix and can get to it by himself, singing karaoke and dancing to music

Bennett's Dislikes: When we say no or turn off something he is watching

Not So Sure About: Carson sharing his toys
Weight: --
Clothing Size: All 2T pants but starting with 3T shirts and pajamas
Diaper Size: 5 Swaddlers during the day, 5 Baby Dry at night
Eating Habits: His favorite thing is "pizzy" and he loves snacks as well as drinkable yogurts
His talking has made tremendous leaps and bounds this month.  He will now repeat almost anything you say, and it seems like he's learning a few new words a day!

Carson- Seven Months

Carson's Likes: He is starting to be very mobile, which is good for him (but bad for Bennett), taking baths with his brother
Carson's Dislikes:
When Bennett takes something from him, car rides

Not So Sure About: How he feels about the wait time between bites of baby food

Weight: --
Length: --
Clothing Size: 6-9 month clothing, plain 9 if it's Carters
Diaper Size:
Size 2 Swaddlers during the day, started sleeping in size 3 baby dry at night
Eating Habits: Loves, loves, loves food!
Sleep: Sleep is not his thing.  Wakeups range from 1-4 times a night :(
He started army crawling the day before he turned 7 months