Friday, August 10, 2012

Dear Jason- Volume 4

Dear Jason,

I am so incredibly proud of you!  I know that you are giving it your all when it comes to Centrals MiniThon and I am proud to say that you are a part of the team that puts in so much work!  I know it will be challenging this year and it will be a huge commitment, but I will be with you 100% of the way!  You are doing a great thing!

I am glad that you have finally gotten the TV that you want for the basement!  Next up, the TV stand with a built in fireplace for me!  I promise to make much more of an effort to spend time down in the basement with you, since I know how much you love it down there!

I am also proud of you for the way you pitched this week in the playoff game against Dover.  I know that it is really stressful pitching when your team is facing elimination, but you did a fantastic job!  I can't wait to watch you play tomorrow!

I Love You!!... Forever and Always!!

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