Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thoughts and Prayers Please

So my blog decided to be dumb and tell me that my username and password were wrong for a few weeks.  Now that it's done throwing a temper tantrum, I have been able to login and ask for some specific prayer requests.

As many of you know, my niece Kadence was diagnosed with a rare blood disease called HLH a little bit after Easter.  She was in the Hershey Medical Pediatric ICU for a few weeks and then moved into a regular room.  A week ago, she was able to come home from the hospital to her newly renovated room!

Tonight, we got information from Ryan (Jason's brother) that the doctors are not happy with Kadence's blood pressure numbers and her white blood cell count.  They are going to keep her overnight :-(

So if you could, please say a prayer for this little beauty tonight...

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  1. <3 glad you're able to get back on. Continuing to pray.