Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ocean City, New Jersey Trip

As I mentioned before, each year, my family on my Dad's side takes a trip together to Ocean City, New Jersey.  We have gone from needing two houses to now three, and next year it will be four!  As the family grows, so does the need for space.  While we are then separated between houses, it's that much more exciting that we need that many houses because there are that many people down there with us!  When we missed the annual beach trip in 2011 due to the wedding, it was very sad, because this trip is one of the highlights of our summer!
This year, there was a "kid" house that we stayed in.  This house had four bedrooms that were occupied by Jason and I, my sister Meghan, her friend Steph, my cousin Tyler and my cousin Brie.  Being on our own time schedule was definitely different, but it was nice to be able to stay up late playing Cards Against Humanity and not worrying about waking up other people in the house.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of the beach itself from the trip:

While I was in New Jersey, I met up with my friends Colleen and Ashley for lunch in Atlantic City and we had a great time!!

Later that night, we went out for our yearly dinner that Grandma takes us out for

The group at dinner 
Here are some pictures from our trip to Cape May one night
 Had to include this one since Jas is trying to ruin their picture

Made it in time to see the sunset

And the funniest moment of the trip?  Playing L-C-R while drinking out of the Pick Your Nose Cups that Aunt Amy brought... they provided many laughs!! 

We had a great time and I am already looking forward to next years trip!  I'm sure all of our future children will enjoy the trip just as much as we do each year!!

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    Your pictures are beautiful. I love the one in the first section with the sun.