Friday, October 4, 2013

Top 5 Pictures- Grandparents

We have been blessed by some awesome grandparents, so I thought I would post about them tonight.  We are lucky that many of our grandparents are still with us, and we get to spend time with them pretty regularly.  We definitely miss our far away grandparents, but have an awesome time when we are together with them. 
On my Dad's side, my Gram has supported us through many sporting events and occasions. 
 Here she is with my at my college graduation from Shippensburg in 2010
Here we are at our wedding in June of 2011
 This is her husband, my Grandpa Barton, who unfortunately passed away when I was little
On my Mom's side, we have my Gammy and Pappy.  Pappy also unfortunately passed away last year, but we got to spend lots of awesome memories together.
This was my college graduation party in 2010
Here we are at our wedding in June of 2011
This is my Mom's Dad, my Grampa, who is also known as The Italian Stallion
 Here The Italian Stallion is during a beach trip with his Stallionettes
 Here is a picture from our wedding in 2011
 Dancing with Grampa
When I married into the Kelly family, I also got to spend time with two great women.  My Father-in-law's mother, Nanny, who unfortunately passed away shortly into our relationship, and my Mother-in-law's mother, Nana.  Nana lives in New York and although we don't get to see her as much as we'd like, we love spending time with her when we are able to!
 Here is Nana with us at our wedding in June 2011
Friends may come and go, but family is forever!!

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