Saturday, March 1, 2014

21 Weeks

How far along?: 21 weeks
Baby's size: BK is the size of a grapefruit
Total weight gain/loss: Up about 7 pounds total
Stretch marks?: None
Sleep?: Pretty good this week, unfortunately congestion is starting to return
Maternity clothes?: Same as last week, regular pants to work, but maternity pants for everyday outfits.  Wearing a good bit of maternity shirts as well
Best moment this week: Got his crib blanket in the mail!
Worst Moment: My back has been hurting some days
Symptoms: Just lower back pain
Cravings?: Nachos and cheese from Taco Bell have been a pretty consistent love throughout so far, and also carrots with Greek Yogurt ranch dip
Miss Anything?: Not much
Movement: Lots, but Jason can only feel some of it still
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nothing
Gender: B-O-Y!!!
What is baby up to?: From What to Expect When You're Expecting: "How big is your baby? About the size of a large banana — and speaking of bananas, if you eat one this week, there's a good chance your baby will get a taste, too. That's because he swallows a bit of amniotic fluid each day (for nutrition, hydration, and to practice digesting), so he eats whatever's on your menu — and gets to put those developing taste buds to good use. So go ahead and nosh on those nachos (or crunch those crudités): Your baby may develop a taste for them when he’s older."

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