Friday, May 2, 2014

30 Weeks

How far along?: 30 weeks
Baby's size: BK is the size of a large cabbage
Total weight gain/loss: Up to 20
Stretch marks?: None at the moment
Sleep?: Other than my husband stealing the covers, pretty good.  I've added a body pillow to my nightly routine.
Maternity clothes?: Maxi skirts are my new best friend
Best moment this week: Seeing everyone at Bennett's baby shower!  We had an awesome time!!  We also had an appointment at Womb With A View to see him in 3D with the family members who could come.  He's getting so big!!
Worst Moment: Exhaustion.  It feels like I can't catch up
Symptoms: I still am dealing with backaches and acid reflux is a new visitor as well
Cravings?: BBQ Chips, but that wasn't too uncommon before pregnancy
Miss Anything?: Still soda... I don't think that one is going away
Movement: Always moving around in there
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nothing really
Gender: B-O-Y!!!
What is baby up to?: From What to Expect When You're Expecting: "Your belly’s increasing size is a definite clue that your baby is getting bigger every day, weighing in at over three pounds now (he’ll be packing on the weight at a rate of half a pound per week for the next seven weeks). Also growing daily is his brain, which is actually starting to look like the real thing with those characteristic grooves and wrinkles. And now that your little genius can regulate his own body temperature and turn up the heat, he'll start shedding lanugo, the downy body hair that's been keeping him warm up until now."

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