Monday, July 13, 2015

Twelve Months- One Year

Bennett's Likes: Being a ham, watching cars drive by, dancing to Bubble Guppies, walks, divebombing Chase

Bennett's Dislikes: Being told no, not being able to go up the stairs

Not So Sure About: Pictures... he's over them already (I'm in trouble)

Weight: He was 23 pounds and 7.6 ounces at the Doctors
Length: He was 31 and 1/4 inches long
Clothing Size: 12 Months
Diaper Size: Size 3 during the day, 4 at night
Eating Habits: He's definitely a breakfast eater- 5 mini pancakes, 2 turkey sausage links and a banana most mornings, he likes food pouches occasionally but no more baby food.  He likes to eat what we're eating
Sleep: He sleeps from 8:30-8ish
Accomplishments: Says mama, dada, no, still walking along the couch, pointing and grunting at thing

Here are some highlights from his first birthday party

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