Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fourteen Months

Bennett's Likes: WALKING!!!, Saying "no" to answer any question, giving kisses, taking an object from one person to another when asked, drinking Mommy or Daddy's drinks and saying "mmmmm," baths, his lawn mower, Chase and Daisy- he screams with excitement when the come in the room, sitting on the tractor at baseball

Bennett's Dislikes: Coming inside when he's been outside

Not So Sure About: A few people

Weight: TBD
Length: TBD
Clothing Size: 12 Months
Diaper Size: Size 4 during the day, 5 at night
Eating Habits: Still a champ for breakfast, loves chicken and cheese sticks with fruit for lunch, and eats what we eat for dinner mostly
Sleep: He sleeps from 8:30-8:30 most nights
Accomplishments: He walks now!!! (as of August 22)  He also runs, haha.  He is starting to remember which books have "ucks" in them and flips the pages looking for them

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