Thursday, April 21, 2016

Twenty One Months

Bennett's Likes: Holding his little brother (it's so cute when he asks to hold him), saying "oooooh toodles" when watching MMC, fruit, playing in the basement, playing outside on his little jungle gym, going to the park, walks, helping Daddy in the yard
Bennett's Dislikes:
Messes, coming inside

Not So Sure About: The hospital-- he didn't like being confined to one room

Weight: --
Length: --
Clothing Size: All 24 month clothes
Diaper Size: Still in size 4 Swaddlers during the day, size 5 baby dry at night
Eating Habits: His eating is hit or miss-- we can always count on pizza and fruit though.  He still loves breakfast
Sleep: He still sleeps about 8:30-8
He is adding more words to his vocabulary, he became a big brother and is the SWEETEST with Carson!!!

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