Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bennett- Twenty-Three Months

Bennett's Likes: PAW Patrol, bath crayons and bubbles, his lawn mower, trucks, ice cream (especially from the ice cream truck on Tuesday nights), walks, being scared by Daddy, wrestling with Daddy
Bennett's Dislikes:
Being "done" eating and throwing his plate or food (maybe that's more of OUR dislike)

Not So Sure About: Now only likes garbage trucks from afar,
Weight: --
Length: --
Clothing Size: All 24 month and 2T clothes
Diaper Size: Still in size 4 Swaddlers during the day, size 5 baby dry at night
Eating Habits: Loves eating a strawberry waffle, fruit and sometimes turkey sausage for breakfast-- likes to eat snacks throughout the day, and his favorite is fruit
Sleep: Usually sleeps from about 9 until 8:00/9:00
His new favorite word is "SSSIIIITTTT" I think he really likes bossing people around. He knows star as well, and just recently started saying tur-tle, and he's starting to add more names into the mix.  He loves saying "bubbles" when he goes to take a bath.

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