Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Friend

I have been working at the school I teach at for two years now, and I've always felt that I go, do my job, and leave.  I have made some close acquaintances, but no one that knows all about me, or really cares to.  I made one friend throughout the first year, Marti, whom I love, but she works at the high school, and not with me in the junior high.  I didn't feel disappointed by any means about the people I met, I really enjoy them, but I was waiting for "my person" to come into my life.  That all changed this year.  While I have some friends from who I enjoy spending time with, I found "my person" and I couldn't be happier.

While I don't see her until 12:30 for lunch, and I only get to see her until 1:55, those minutes are some of the best of my day, and I look forward to them.  We eat lunch together and often plan together too since we never get to see each other.  I know that she was not looking forward to the move from the High School to the Junior High, but I am very, very glad that my school district decided to move Melissa down with me, so that I could have "my person."  Call me selfish, but I believe they moved her just for me!  We are SO very alike, but SO very different at the time, and it really works.

This post should have come a long time ago, and it sortof did, on Wednesday, December 21st, I made a post about my teamies, and that was about Melissa and my other teammates on my team at the Junior High.  Anyway, Melissa went above and beyond today, and while I can say thank you a million times, I am even more thankful for her as a friend.

During my fifth class in a row of the day, I got an e-mail from the secretary saying that I had a package in the office.  I had to wait until the end of the class period (believe me... torturous!) but I rushed down to get it.  It was from 1-800 Flowers.  It is not my birthday nor our anniversary, so I was confused.  Melissa was with me the entire time, and she was trying to convince me that maybe I missed an event.  I opened the package and saw these GORGEOUS flowers, and it took me awhile, but I got them out of their package.  We stood there in awe of them saying how pretty they were, but I still hadn't figured out who they were from, so I searched for the message that I knew had to be somewhere.  I found it on the outside of the box.  It was so simple, but one of the sweetest messages, which is now permanently attached not only to my computer for me to see, but also to my heart (corny I know!)

 So today, I am thankful for Melissa, "my person" and her generosity.  I have always been the giver in friendships-- the one who buys the cards and makes the effort, but it was done by her, which was a great feeling... and I LOVED IT!!! :-)

And I also loved this surprise of the day.... I knew it was going to snow, but what a GORGEOUS snowfall

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