Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cleaning Magic!!!

When we bought our house back in March of 2011, one of the most disgusting things in it was the track on the slider door.  Now believe me, the whole house was gross, but this one definitely was at the top of the list.  We tried lots and lots of products, and even asked Jason's Mom who cleans for a living, but we could not find something that would bring up the years of dirt that the previous owners left so graciously for us.
 That is until tonight!  I was on Pinterest (which I love, have I not said it yet today) and I came across an amazing pin that said it was created for OCD people.... is that me or what??  Anyway, it said that the secret was to clean the track with a q-tip and vinegar!  Now this was a HUGE pain in the butt because ours was so bad, but a million q-tips and paper towels and half of a bottle of vinegar later, it's beautifully clean!!
Just wanted to share this cleaning tip with all my friends :-)

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