Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy-- Before

We have been in our house for 1 year and 7 months, and we've had water in our basement twice.  The first time was when Jason and his Dad were trying to run where the sump pump dumps (say that three times fast, haha) the water in our back yard by running piping away from the house so it drains near the back.  They think that since they were messing with it, something came loose and caused the water to leak.

The second time was when our sump pump just completely stopped working and the sump pump well was overflowing with water.  Luckily, time number two was one week before we got Hurricane Lee that came through last year.  Jason and my Dad got a new and improved sump pump which helped us get through the last hurricane.

Now, we face the impending Hurricane Sandy and there isn't a generator or D battery in the state of PA.  We've gone through the ups and downs of thinking stores are getting shipments of generators only to find out that the trucks never came in.

Yesterday, after babysitting I stopped at Target to pick up a flashlight and some batteries.  That was a fail and a half....

This is what the battery shelf looked like

And this is what the line looked like to check out.
It was like Black Friday had come early.

Today after church, we stopped at Giant to pick up some food for lunches like I do every Sunday.  I figured that I will still need lunches as some point this week.  The checkout lines were crazy there too!!

With the help of my parents, we were able to "hurricane-proof" the basement- that will come as post number two tomorrow when I can be proud of that we have done.  It was hard work, and we appreciate how much my parents helped us.

Ryan and Felicia and Walt (Felicia's Dad) came down and brought a gas water pump to help if the electric goes out since our sump pump obviously needs electric to work.

If we have power, I will keep you updated on the progress as often as possible.  Stay safe everyone!!

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