Monday, December 17, 2012

December Catchup

I have to admit that the lack of pictures has discouraged me from updating the blog since pictures are the most fun part.

With the week before Christmas in full swing, the kids are crazy, and I'm lacking energy.  After the recent events at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I figured my kids would be questioning everything, but oddly enough, I hardly heard conversations about the incident, more typical 8th grade chaotic behavior when it gets close to a holiday.  This week will certainly be a long one!

On Wednesday, I will wrap up the 24 Day Challenge and I will gladly post those results here too.  After the first 10 days, when I completed the Cleanse Phase, I had lost 4.5 pounds and 7 inches.  I have not been allowed to get on the scale until Day 24, so I'm looking forward to doing that on Wednesday!

I hope you all are all having a great week before Christmas and are finishing up your last-minute shopping!

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