Monday, April 1, 2013

First Wreath

My computer is not very reliable, which is where all my pictures are, so the Top 5 Posts will continue, I just won't be solely doing them, since I have other things to share lately.

Today is the last day of my Spring vacation for Easter, and it has been very much appreciated.  We spent all weekend building shelves in the garage.  My Dad, Jason, and my brother all helped and everyone worked their butts off.  One more trip to Lowes tonight, and then the garage will be show ready, I promise!!

I took a trip to Target today, and all the Easter goodies were half off, so I thought I'd attempt a wreath I had seen floating around Pinterest.  The whole project cost me under $10 and it looks great from afar!  Of course, the perfectionist in me can see some things I would change for next time, but I'm very proud for the first time around!!!

Happy Easter, and happy first wreath being a success!! :-)

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