Saturday, March 16, 2013

Top 5 Pictures- Trista

I have a few cousins who I do not get to see nearly enough.  Trista is one of them.  She is two cousins older than me, but we have always had a great time together.  She always tells the story of spending the day at my house and taking a "nap" in my parents room, where she was really playing with my Mom's makeup and made a huge mess.  She says my Mom yelled at her, but Mom swears she never did.

This picture is from Christmas of 2006 with Trista's sister Jenna too
One specific moment that I think of immediately is our drive with a few of our other cousins to Tennessee in the summer of 2007.
Here is one of the many pictures we took together in the car on that trip.

I love this picture.  We all come from the same family, but look so different!  I have such gorgeous cousins!!!
This one is from Christmas in 2007

Here is the annual Christmas picture with Karli included this time from 2008

This picture is from decorating gingerbread houses in November 2011.  Trista and I had missed decorating gingerbread houses with the family, so we got our own private decorating session!

Friends may come and go, but family is forever!!

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