Tuesday, August 6, 2013


We were lucky enough to go on a second vacation this summer, and this vacation was to Aruba!  We got up extremely early on a Sunday morning and returned extremely late the following Sunday, but it was totally worth it!
I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures from the trip!
This was our resort at the Marriott Surf Club in Aruba.
 This picture was taken from our room.
The beach was a few steps past the pool area.
 Here is the same view at sunset.
While we were walking downtown one night, we found this sign, and while they are dark, we took them anyway!  They turned out great!
 Ryan and Felicia
 Gary and Sue
 Jason and I
 Original Kelly Family
 Aruba was so Americanized that there was a Hard Rock Café downtown!
We spent one day exploring the island of Aruba and we saw many great places! 
 The lighthouse in Aruba
 Ryan and Felicia
 Sue and Ethan
Jason and I
 I loved these gorgeous flowers!!
 The breathtaking view
The trip wouldn't be complete without these pictures...
 The church in Aruba
 Gorgeous sea cliffs (yes, that's the Science teacher coming out in me)
 Caught the water just right
So pretty!!
 This was at what was called the Natural Bridge
 Ryan, Felicia, Ethan, Jason and I
Gary and Sue
 Jason with the money he won at the casino!  He was one happy camper!
 So Americanized that they not only had McDonalds restaurants, but locations dedicated solely to dessert.
Our last night there, we went on a Sunset Cruise, which was a lot of fun, and to answer your question: no, none of us got sick!
 Crazy wind, but on the cruise
Ryan and Felicia
They even had seagulls!
How cute is he?!?
 All of us on the boat, the guy who was running the cruise insisted on taking our picture
 As much of a sunset as we got that night because it was overcast.
 He loves ruining my pictures...
 Three brothers
Gary and Sue
 Felicia enjoying the cruise
 This one is blurry, but I still had to share it.  The guy running the cruise was so good at his job, that he even got a conga line going at the end.  Everyone enjoyed it!!
 Until next time, Aruba!!!  We had an amazing experience!!


  1. I love your pictures, Malerie! They are beautiful and it looks like you had a great time.

  2. How fun! Looks like it was an amazing trip!