Wednesday, August 14, 2013


One of my favorite things to do at my parents house was sit out on their screened-in-porch.  While I knew I'd never win the screened-in vs. patio battle, I couldn't wait to get a backyard that I loved to spend time in.
Cue the backyard that we moved into...
Beautiful, huh?  While it wasn't our dream backyard, we got a steal on our house, so we knew we could eventually make it what we wanted it to be.  So what we did originally is just rip up the gorgeous hideous mismatched pavers that were so strategically put in place, run where the sump pump puts out the water to farther away from the house and we got this once the grass grew in:
 We filled in the big hole in front of the Bilco doors and gave them a fresh coat of paint as well.
We didn't spend much time out in the backyard even though the grass grew in, instead we were those people who sat on their driveway in folding chairs at nighttime to enjoy the outside.
We saved up for two whole years and finally got the ball rolling with Travis from Webster's Landscaping and of course I took pictures to document the process.
This was the end of day 1, ground leveled and graded, and ready for day 2.
Day 2 was full of stones and compacting
Day 3 was pavers, pavers and more pavers.  Somehow I even got roped into helping with this day.
Finally, Jason added some new beds, we put out our patio furniture, and we're starting to get the yard back in order with grass seed and straw.
We have already spent many nights out on this patio and cannot wait for all the memories to come!  It's FINALLY finished!!!
Check out pictures from this project and other house projects here:


  1. It looks so great, Mal! Tons better than the original :-) You guys are going to make so many great memories out there!

  2. Mal, this looks fantastic! You guys did an incredible job!