Sunday, November 24, 2013

Great Gift

I struggle on Jason's birthday to buy him something that he will love, but also is still heartfelt.  This year, of course I bought him the material things like a sweatshirt, zip-up and watch, but I also made him a gift that he's still talking about.
I made him "Open When Cards."
I had seen the idea on Pinterest, and my students helped me with some of the topics.  I started with a set of cards and enveloped form Target for $10.  I chose a set that didn't have folded cards, but just a flat insert.  I also liked that it had a little gift box that they were already in.
Coming up with the Open When topics were the hardest part.  The first 20 were easy.  It wasn't until I got home and had a clear head that I could come up with the other 30. 
They are the gift that keeps on giving.  Each one is filled with a situation like:
-Open When: It's Central's MiniThon (that will be in March)
-Open When: You Miss Me
-Open When: You Want To Know How I Knew You Were The One
They were so much fun to do, and Jason has them sitting on his nightstand.  It warms my heart to see that he's opened one on his own when he sees that the time fits.
Here are the final products: 
If you're looking for an easy but thoughtful gift, this was a great idea!

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