Monday, December 30, 2013

News to Share

I haven't been posting much because everything seems irrelevant compared to the news I'm allowed to share now :-)
On November 3, 2013, Jason and I found out we are expecting a little bundle of joy!  We are due on July 4, 2014.

 I took this test that night and I was used to seeing "Not Pregnant" on them for so long that I was shocked!
 For some reassurance, I took a bunch of other kinds too.  This wouldn't surprise you if you knew me ;-)
 And then we added in one of the fancy ones that tells you how far along you are.
 Since Jason's birthday was a few weeks before, I told him I had one additional present that didn't come until now, so he opened it up.  Here is the video of him opening:

With his "Daddy's Little Tiger" onesie.  You wouldn't even believe how hard it is to find a gender neutral Daddy onesie.  This one is orange and white striped with little pants that have a tiger on the butt.
I will be updating much more frequently now since the secret it out and I am allowed to share!  We have pictures and videos galore to share as the weeks go on, so stay tuned!!

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  1. His reaction was absolutely perfect ♡ So cute!!