Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Telling Our Parents and Siblings

We had big plans of waiting until 8 weeks to tell both of our sets of parents, but Jason's parents were coming up to visit before those 8 weeks and wouldn't be back before, so we decided to tell them earlier.  I was really against it at first, but then I realized that if God forbid, something did happen, we would need them as our close support system.
We searched and searched around Kohls trying to find something gender neutral that said Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle, but again we really struck out.  I really think Carters needs to make some more gender neutral things for special moments like these, but we'll save that for another time, haha. 
We ended up with very girly Grandma and Grandpa outfits and an okay Aunt onesie to share with the future aunts.  We struck out in the Uncle department.

The onesies for Grandma and Grandpa and on the left.  The mint green says "I Love Grandpa" and the short sleeve white one says "Grandma Loves Me."  We didn't use the pants.

The onesie for the Aunts is on the right and we gave it as is.

We wrapped each present in its own bag and let them open them at their own pace.  Of course some opened faster than others which wasn't what I would have preferred, but hey, it's life!  The funniest thing about the opening experience is that my Dad pulled his out slightly, saw the scalloped edges and put it back in the bag.  He thought we had given him the wrong present.

Here is my side of the family opening their gifts:
And here is Jason's side of the family opening their gifts:
*Sorry for the darkness on this one, we couldn't turn on too many lights and make it obvious that we were recording
Eric and Ethan were not able to attend either of the present giving sessions, so we called them to share the news.

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