Friday, January 3, 2014

Telling "My Kids"

Every year I get a group of over 100 students who by the end of the school year have turned into "my kids."  Being a teacher, we can't help it, you spend so much time with them that you learn all about each one and love them as if they were your own.  Of course that would mean I would have four years of 120 students, so 480 "kids" at this point (I look good for 480 kids, right??).  Some confide in you and you form a bond that goes past the one year you have them in the classroom.  Our jobs are very, very rewarding.
I knew that I wanted to include my kids and tell them about Baby Kelly (BK as Jason likes to call my belly) in a special way just like we did with family.  Knowing that I couldn't buy 120 onesies to give each one, and knowing that as soon as I told some of them it would spread like wildfire, I conspired a plan with my team teachers.
We decided that first period, the Friday before Christmas break (we had school the Monday after but many students were taking off) I would put my Christmas card up on the projector for the students to figure out what it meant.  I brought along another student to record their reactions, and I must say that they still crack me up.  Some classes got it right away, some it took a little longer.
This was the card that we put up on the projector so you know what they're looking at:

I went from classroom to classroom, all in first period so that I was the one who got to tell them, and not other students.  I had to give the same speech 5 times, so sorry, you have to listen to the same speech 5 times too, but I am so glad we recorded their reactions since they are priceless!!

Does this bring anyone back to their 8th grade year?  Many of my friends say this made them remember how awkward junior high was after watching the videos.
Which class reaction did you like the best?

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