Friday, January 17, 2014

15 Weeks

How far along?: 15 weeks
Baby's size: BK is the size of an orange
Total weight gain/loss: Up 1.5 pounds total
Stretch marks?: Still none, thankfully
Sleep?: Hasn't been too bad this week
Maternity clothes?: Still in my NY & Co dress pants, but one day this week I was EXTREMELY uncomfortable in Old Navy khakis, so I had to do the hairtie trick.  I think anyday I don't wear my NY & Co pants will have to be maternity pant days
Best moment this week: We had an appointment on Wednesday and got to hear the heartbeat- 158 this time
Worst Moment: I had a few pretty bad days this week, symptom wise
Symptoms: Still haven't fully kicked the nausea but I had a lot of pressure one day this week, and that wasn't too fun.
Cravings?: I still really like orange juice and also homemade seasoned pretzels.  They aren't as good as Deb Beshore's, but I'll take them
Miss Anything?: Nothing in particular
Movement: Still none yet
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Just constant nausea, nothing too bad this week
Gender: 8 days until January 25!!
What is baby up to?: From What to Expect When You're Expecting: "One way to deal with the havoc of pregnancy hormones: Focus on how much is happening with your baby. They are about the size of an orange this week, their ears have migrated to the sides of their head, and their eyes are moving to the front of their face. Plus, your little smarty-pants can now wiggle their fingers and toes and make breathing movements in preparation for life outside the womb. "

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