Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nursery Closet Makeover

"I saw this idea on Pinterest..."
The words that so many husbands hear that make them sigh and ask what the new plan was.  This time, it was an idea for BK's nursery closet.  Before we even knew if BK was a he or a she, I found this pin and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I knew that we could alter it to make it boy-ish or girly so it was happening regardless, if my Dad and Jason could figure out how to tackle it.
We started with this pin as inspiration:
Based on their blog, I knew that the main closet dividers were from Ikea, and I'd never been to Ikea, so I was pumped to make the trip!  Jason stayed home to prep the closet walls, we painted them navy as you will see, and my parents and I went to Ikea.  We ended up with two of the Expedit Shelving Systems and 5 fabric bins to go into the slots.  We wanted the closet drawers too, but unfortunately, they were sold out.  You can find the links to all of the products here:

Shelving System:
        *We got TWO of them in white
        *We got five total- 3 lime green and 2 aqua
        *We wanted these in white, but they were sold out

The rest of the products that we bought were from Lowes: particle board to make the frames for the shelves and four clothing rods
Even though the blog that we based our closet off of used L-Brackets, Dad thought it would be more supportive if we made a frame for each shelf to sit on, so there was lots of cutting and attaching to the wall, but they made a frame per shelf and made sure everything was even of course!
The closet started like this, plain builder white, and we had already painted the room grey

Step 1: Painting the inside of the closet navy blue

Shelf number one being installed (only took about 10-15 minutes to assemble).

Based of the blog we were following, our closet is much less wide than theirs, so once the shelving was in the middle, there were 21.5 inches on each side so they knew how big to cut the supports.

Installing the supports to hold the shelves (to be cut from the second Ikea shelving set)

One shelf in, working on shelf two.  The process was:
1. Insert the three supporting sides
2. Cut shelf from Ikea shelving
3. Attach

All four shelves in, working on the colored bins now

Final Product!

Final picture after adding his clothing into its spots.  The top left bar has Newborn, 0-3 months and 3-6 months.  They are separated by closet dividers that I purchased off of Etsy.  The clothes go up to 24 months that are in the closet.

I couldn't be more thrilled with the closet.  I often find myself just sitting in his room staring at the closet in awe of Jason and Dad's work.  They not only conquered the pin, they made it even better!  BK and I are very blessed!!

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