Thursday, November 13, 2014

Four Months


Bennett's Likes: Still his lovey, holding onto peoples hands or Daddy's face (especially when he's eating), covering his face when he is napping, Mam "butterfly" type pacifiers, holding onto ties and sweatshirt strings, smiling behind his pacifier, giggling on the changing table, his hands

Bennett's Dislikes: Absolutely LOST IT at his 4 month appointment.  It's my fault because he was hungry and I saved his milk until after he got his shots which caused a meltdown on the scale, a meltdown in the room and an even bigger meltdown after the shots.  Poor guy, his Mama is so mean!

Not So Sure About: Sad songs, getting better at being on his belly, but still not totally sure about it

Weight: 16 pounds and 2 ounces
Length: We measured 25 inches
Clothing Size: 3-6 Months
Diaper Size: Finishing up the open pack of 1s and then we are onto 2s
Eating Habits: B is eating 5 ounces during the day and 6 ounces before bed
Sleep: About 9-10 hours a night, typically 9 pm - 7 am unless we have to get him up to leave for school. He is sleeping in his crib with a crib wedge and the insert from his pack and play under his crib sheet to prevent him from scooting around
Accomplishments: Giggling, sleeping in his big boy crib, starting to put his hands on his bottle when he eats, sitting up pretty well, rolling from belly to back

Some pictures from the month

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