Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Five Months

Bennett's Likes: Found his feet, holding his bottle, burping, electronics, laughing on the changing table when getting dressed or changed, his high chair and oatmeal, splashing in the bath tub, jumping in the exersaucer, his paci, his lovey

Bennett's Dislikes: His first cold :-(

Not So Sure About: Tears up occasionally at sad songs

Weight: We measured 18.5 pounds
Length: We measured 26.5 inches
Clothing Size: 3-6 Months or 6 Months if it's a brand like Carters
Diaper Size: Started 2s this month
Eating Habits: B is eating 5.5 ounces during the day, 7 ounces at night
Sleep: Most nights he's asleep around 9:30 and will get up at 5:45 if we have to take him to Aunt Lee Lee's or will sleep until closer to 7 if he's staying here and Gigi or Aunt Meghan are coming.  He had a few days of getting up again during the night, but it didn't last too long
Accomplishments: Holding his bottle, finding the toys on his car seat and pulling them down to make them rattle, jumping in the exersaucer, being great on a trip to and from Virginia Beach, loves his first Christmas Tree

Some pictures from this month

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