Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bennett- Thirty Months

Bennett's Likes: He still loves trucks, but has recently gotten into Toy Story.  He loves Buzz and Aunt MeMe got him a Buzz for Christmas that he's really excited about!

Bennett's Dislikes: Sharing with his brother

Not So Sure About: The vaccuum, he doesn't like when we use it
Weight: 32 pounds (73%)
38 1/4 inches (91%)
Clothing Size: Mostly all 3T now
Diaper Size: 5 Swaddlers during the day, 5 Baby Dry at night
Eating Habits: His eating is hit or miss.  It's helpful that he can communicate what he wants now, but sometimes it's a request like "hot dogs and applesauce" since he had it once at Nonny and Poppy's
He is talking up a storm.  He has learned all of the real names for people and proudly recites them when you ask for them.

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