Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bennett- Twenty-Nine Months

Bennett's Likes: He still loves trucks, being scared by Daddy, giving Mommy hugs, being chased

Bennett's Dislikes: His latest is that he doesn't like "dark" things or when you turn the lights off

Not So Sure About: This whole brother thing-- it comes with sharing your toys, which he doesn't like
Weight: --
Clothing Size: Mostly in 3T now.  Some pants are still 2T if they button and zipper, and he can still wear some of his 2T shirts, but he fits better into 3T
Diaper Size: 5 Cruisers/Swaddlers during the day, 5 Baby Dry at night
Eating Habits: He loves his snacks and is always asking for them and also is obsessed with "yogu" drinks and the YoCrunch with M & Ms (but HE has to dump the M & Ms in)
He is talking up a storm, and he pees on the potty every night after his bath!!  He gets 'gushoos" (Gushers) as his prize so he's very motivated at this point :)

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