Saturday, June 9, 2012

Double Header

My days are SOOO off since school has let out.  Thursday was our first day off for summer, and we went to brunch and dropped my car off for an inspection and an oil change.  48 hours and $1200 later, I finally have my car back.

Yesterday I had to babysit at 6, so we spend the entire day cleaning... yes, the entire day!  It was nice to have a teammate, which cut down on our time.  All of the rooms (minus the bathrooms) are cleaned and organized.  The bathrooms will wait until Monday.

I am convinced that it is Sunday, so much that when I was on Facebook and someone wrote "Work on a Saturday?" that I almost corrected them.  Oops!  Today I will spend the day at two baseball games, one in about at hour at 11:00, and then the next one follow it about 1:30.

I thought I'd share some baseball shots since it's baseball day :-)

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