Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary (Early) To Me!!!

I know I've said it over and over, but I have a wonderful husband!  Last year, we missed the family vacation to Ocean City, NJ because it was the week of our wedding.  Our family came home Saturday in time for our wedding, so we knew it just wasn't in the cards for us last year.  With that said, we're really, really looking forward to the trip this year, and we leave tomorrow for the week!

Jason mysteriously ran an errand this afternoon while I was busy packing, and what he brought back was the BEST present ever, and I was totally surprised!  He made the deal with me this summer that I could save all of my babysitting money for an Ipad, so I have been responsibly saving it all!  Welllllll.... What he brought back was a brand new Ipad for me, and wanted to give it to me early so I could have it for the beach!!  It was absolutely awesome, and I've spent the day putting apps on it and uploading music.  Can't wait to use it in NJ!!

Hopefully I'll have some time to post while on vacation, but I'm not making any promises :-)

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