Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dear Jason- Volume 2

I know it's not Friday yet, but tomorrow night we'll be at the Phillies game, and it's 11:00 on Thursday night, so this will have to do :-)

Dear Jason,

Words cannot describe how happy I felt when I came home from babysitting tonight.  I know you said there was a surprise for me when I got home, but I never expected that your surprise would make me cry and make me feel so complete at the same time!  I know you really aren't a card person, but the letters and notes that you write make up for it, and they make such an impact on me!  While you were writing papers and killing time before poker night, I love to think that I was on your mind enough to put this little surprise together!!
Not only did you write me the sweetest of all notes but you even picked some rose petals from our flowerbed, which makes them even more special!

I am looking forward to our weekend together, and for all the random surprises like this one tonight that are going to come my way!

I think you will appreciate the cleaning inspiration that your surprise has ignited in me-- toilets are cleaned, cabinets organized, trash collected and put at the curb, kitty litter cleaned and recycling put at the curb.  See what your surprises can do ;-)

I Love You!!... Forever and Always!!

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