Sunday, September 30, 2012

Successful Day

I have had a busy weekend babysitting, but I got off a few hours earlier than expected today, so I was able to finish up a few projects that I had either started, or just bought the supplies for.

So here they are:

 First is the I Love You Because frame that I have seen on Pinterest.  The glass acts as a dry-erase board and you can write why you love your spouse as a little surprise.  Can't decide whether this will sit on the counter or be put on the fridge with magnetic tape, but it's finished!
The idea was from here:
Second is the Menu board that is also floating around Pinterest.  This one took me awhile longer, but I am pleased with its progress.  Each day has a clothespin and the meal is on a laminated card.  The top box holds all the meals and then when they have been made, they go into the bottom box until the top box is empty.  
This is where the idea is from:
Lastly is an idea that I got from a dear friend who is also struggling with a loss.  She showed me the incredible poem and I printed it on the pink scrapbooking paper and added the heart.  I am hoping to find a butterfly to add instead one day.

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