Wednesday, September 5, 2012


If you know me, you know that we've been facing some really difficult challenges in our lives lately, but the support that we have received is incredible.  From cards and flowers to meals and gift baskets, the thoughtfulness of our friends and family have been astounding.  I wanted to take the time to personally thank everyone that has been thinking of us and praying for us during this time and also to those who have taken the time to write a sweet card to us and send your love!  We will be forever grateful and we love each and every one of you!  We are so lucky to have you in our lives!!

 Thank you Kellee and the Junebugs for the adorable picture!!

 Thank you Cassie for the amazing mug!!
Thank you Karli for the bag-o-goodies!!!
 Thank you Rauhausers for the plant!
 Thank you Mom and Dad for not only both of these bouquets of flowers, but the crock pot of Chicken Corn Soup!!
Thank you Lindsay and Shaun for the delicious basket of goodies!!  (Some are missing from the picture because we already ate them!!)
 Thank you Amanda, Sarah, Jess, Kristin, Debby, Tina, Lindsay, Karyn and Rachael for the thoughtful rose bush and K stepping stone (complete with Kader's favorite-- PINK!!)
 Thank you Junebugs for my beautiful flowers!!
 Thank you Ashlee, Aaron, Patty and Andy for the gorgeous flowers!!
Aunt Lee Lee, Jeff and Karli for the awesome Brown's basket!!

 And thank you to SO many people who flooded our mailbox with love on SO many days with the most sincere and heartfelt cards!!!
Thank you (in no particular order... just the order that I pick the card up in):
-Amanda, Sarah, Jess, Kristin, Debby, Tina, Lindsay, Karyn and Rachael 
-Mom and Dad
-Emily and Tyler
-Greg and Deb
-Aunt Beth and Joe
-Julie and Ann
-Katie and Michael
-Caterina and William
-Ashley and Anthony
-Dana, Matt and the boys
-Brittany, AJ and Aliceana
-Clay, Andi and Bryson
-Kayla and Ted
-Beth and Tony
-Danielle, Nana and Noah
-Melissa and Tim
-Aaron, Ashlee and Maui
-Aunt Lee Lee and Jeff
-The Rauhausers
-Red Lion Junior High
-Sarah and Ben
-Scott, James, Ann, Dan, Nate, TJ and Holly
-Colette, Lea, Gloria, Amy, Deb, Julie, Steve and Drew
-Tom and Margaret
-Chris, Allison, Matthew, Austin and Dylan
-Stan and Debbie
-Grandma Barton
-Stacey, Mike, Tayler and Austin
-Gammy and Pappy
-Aunt Buppy, Brent, Taylor and Jordan
-Amanda and Mike
-Billee, Jon, Steve and Kristin 
- Chad, Courtney, Braden and Isabella


  1. That's wonderful that so many people were there by your side through such a rough time. We're all still here if you need us! You're very very loved!

  2. Love this post! I'm so overjoyed to see you receive just as much love and support from family/friends that you gave to Kadence.