Thursday, February 14, 2013

Top 5 Pictures- Aunt Lee Lee

I am very lucky.  I know everyone says that, but I truly believe it.  I have been blessed not only with great parents, but great aunts and uncles as well.  On my Mom's side of the family, my cousins and I are very close in age, which is something I have always wanted for my future children.  My Aunt Jolene had Trista in October of 1985, my Aunt Lee Lee had Drew in July of 1986, my Mom had me in May of 1987, my Aunt Ileen had Stevie in August of 1987, and my Aunt Jolene had a second daughter Jenna in December of 1987.  Add in my older cousin Lauren as well, and you can see that there were a lot of small children at one time.  Due to my Mom and my aunts schedules, we spent a lot of time together growing up, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I spent a lot of time with all of my Aunts, and I can remember specific things about growing up at my Aunt Lee Lee's, like which drawer in her kitchen that she kept my extra pacifier in and her red see-through cups that we always drank out of.

This is an infamous picture of the time both Mom and Aunt Lee Lee talk about, when Aunt Lee Lee fed me ice cream, well before I was eating real food.  As you can see, I dug right in and loved it.  Mom still doesn't let her live that one down.

For those of you who do not know, Aunt Lee Lee is also a hairdresser, so here she is giving my my very first haircut (Yes, I was that old.... I was bald for what feels like forever, huh Mom?!?)

We have a trend of spending New Years together on my Mom's side, so this is from a New Years, and I believe those are Karli's feet making an appearance as well!

This picture is from Christmas 2008, which is also a tradition on my Mom's side.  We usually have it at my Mom's house, and while some of the traditions have changed, having a great time has not changed.

Aunt Lee Lee has not only cut my hair all my life, she has done my hair for all of my special occasions.  From double french braiding my hair for gymnastics meets, to updos for Homecomings and Proms, to photo shoots, to my wedding day, she never disappoints (even when I am an emotional mess!!) 
Haircuts, sleepovers, Black Friday shopping, Gingerbread houses, Glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg hunts, you name it, Aunt Lee Lee is a part of it!  My Aunts are some of the best people around!!  Our family has gone through so many amazing memories and so many tough times, and she is by far the strongest person that I know.  Her faith and her love never cease to amaze me, and I'm SO lucky to have her in my life!!!

Friends may come and go, but family is forever!!

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