Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top 5 Pictures- Brie

Just about every summer (minus the one that we got married) my Dad's side of the family and my family go to the beach for a week.  I don't have as many cousins close to my age on Dad's side as I do Mom's, but even though there are more age gaps, we still seem to get along great!  For many of the years, my roommate at the beach was my cousin Brie.  We have been roomies from the time we were in middle school and high school up until college, and we have had many great nights walking the boardwalk together as well.  

This picture isn't from the beach, but it is from Disney World from when I was in high school.  Like I mentioned before, we alternated sides of the family who went with us on the Disney trips, so this was a trip that we spent together.  This specific picture is from the 50's Prime Time Cafe, which is one of our favorite restaurants there where they treat you like you are their child and make you eat everything off your plate and keep your elbows off of the table.

This picture is from when we took our cousin Talia on the boardwalk for the night.  We rode some rides and did sand art, which looking back, we should do again this year!

This picture is from a night on the beach from a ladder golf tournament.  Talia is so stinkin cute and I am not even going to mention the cell phone holster that is attached to my skirt (nice one...)

Each trip to the beach, Gram takes us out to dinner as a big family which is a lot of fun!  This picture is from one of those dinners.  We always seem to pick out interesting dinners, and mine usually consist of chicken fingers, if possible... yes, I'm THAT girl.

This picture is from the beach as well.  We always get dressed up for those dinners that Gram takes us to, so here is everyone all fancy!

As you can see, the beach pictures are the majority of the pictures from Dad's side of the family, and we have such a great time!  I wouldn't miss that for the world, and I know Brie will not be able to attend this summer since she is in grad school, so we will definitely miss her!!!

Friends may come and go, but family is forever!!

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