Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top 5 Pictures- Emily & Tyler

When I was a freshman in college, I saw a girl in my dorm who was always wearing Shippensburg Baseball attire.  She was always with her boyfriend, and I must admit that I was rather jealous.  It seemed that they were always together and always happy.  I knew nothing of her, but would see her frequently in the girls bathroom getting ready in the morning.

Fast forward a few years, when I started dating Jason, I started attending the baseball games.  I met Emily sitting at a baseball game, which would become our most frequented location.  From games in Shippensburg to planning a surprise trip to see the guys play in Florida over Spring Break, we have spent a lot of time together, so today I combined some pictures of Emily and her now husband Tyler for this post.

This is my favorite picture of us, and coincidentally, the one that comes first sequentially (of course you know they have to come in order).  This picture is from the Rehearsal of Emily's wedding in December of 2008.  We got a smiling picture first and then this was captured second.  It makes me smile every time I see it.

The next day we took this picture at her wedding.  Sadly, I don't have one of the four of us, but Jason and I were both lucky enough to be part of their special day, and we enjoyed every moment of it!!

This picture is from Spring Break in March 2009 when we went to support the guys in Florida over our Spring Break.  You know, the way baseball wives always do ;-)

Imagine this.... another baseball game!!  I love that the other picture was from a completely different season, but here we are in the opposite weather, the cold season!

Last but not least, we were blessed that Emily and Tyler we able to come to our wedding in June of 2011, so we got a picture of us there too!  We enjoyed dancing with them all night long!!

Since college, Emily and Tyler have moved to Florida to pursue their careers and we miss our couple bonding time!!  When we were in college, many nights were spent at each others houses and that isn't possible anymore unfortunately!  Even though miles may now separate us, we still consider them some of our closest friends, and I cannot tell you how many times a day Jason and Tyler seem to talk.  Especially during baseball season, I can find Jason texting or talking on the phone to Tyler about possible trades.  We are lucky to have them!!

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