Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 5 Pictures- Kelly

Now these pictures took a little work to get into digital copies so that I could do this post.  There were TONS and TONS more, but I picked some of my favorites.

I had never had a friend that I was so comfortable with that I brought her to family get-togethers with me, until this friend.  My little cousins all knew her by name, because of course they loved her since she has always been a great babysitter and they opened up to her naturally.  I can still remember Jordan calling her Kally all of the time.  We have been through our shares of ups and downs, relationships and break ups, gains and losses, and even though our lives have become separated, I still consider her to be one of my truest, and most real friends.

This picture is from our Senior Class trip is 2005... we look like such BABIES!!!  We went to Florida for our senior class trip and this was one of the nights before we went to Downtown Disney!  That trip was such a great time, and I was happy to be able to create some memories with her!

This one is from the senior breakfast at the "Pizza Lunch Church."  Those of you who went to West York know where I am talking about.  We spent the morning of graduation together and then all went through graduation, which such a surreal moment.  One door closed, but lots of others opened as we all went our separate ways for college.
This picture is from my graduation party and also includes one of my other favorite people-- Kelly's Mom, Cathy!  Now that is a wonderful woman who raised some pretty awesome kids!  I always enjoyed spending time with both Kel and Cathy-- such great people!!

This picture is from the infamous fireworks at Sunset Lane park where we watched from Kelly's driveway.  Some years we'd walk over to the carnival for some entertainment, but many summers you could find us on her driveway, watching the conclusion together!

Gotta add my picture with Cathy from that night too <3

Now I am sure you can put two and two together and figure out that this isn't Kelly in this picture, so let me let you in on a little secret-- it's NOT!!!  In September of 2010, Kelly had a beautiful little girl named Mackenzie.  This past summer, I got to spend an evening with the two of them, and Mackenzie awed me with how smart and creative she was!  She was shy of course at first, but she opened up and showed me her true personality pretty quickly, which I loved.  

So I not only got Kelly out of the deal, I got a mini-Kelly too!  I can't wait to watch Kenzie grow up and hopefully spend much more time with Kelly, Cathy, and Kenzie (Cath-- we should re-do the spelling of your name so you fit the K theme) in the near future!!!

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