Monday, January 21, 2013

Top 5 Pictures- Eric

Everyone dreams of having a boy and girl so the boy can look after and protect the girl... right?!  No?  Well maybe that is just me.  Having a brother has given me the biggest headache but also the biggest protector at the same time.  Sure, the headaches outweigh the protecting, but that's beside the point.

He has had to fill "Malerie's shoes" as he followed me through school and always be "Malerie's Little Brother."  I must say he's gone a great job at being the complete opposite of me in some aspects, but we love him all the same!  I love the relationship that we have and I know that if I needed him, he would be there for me!  Sibling bonds are unbreakable!

 This picture is from our favorite place on Earth-- Disney World!!!  We have been very blessed that our parents got a Disney Vacation Club membership so we were able to go to Disney about once a year, until I went to college and couldn't take off school like you could back in high school.  Then, they went without me :-(

This picture is from our Gammy's house, and apparently someone had their greasy fingers on the camera lens (not me!!)  Notice that I have a cup of BBQ chips, typical Malerie style, so I am sure that the greasy fingers were from me!  It seems that Eric is usually busy on Gammy Sundays now, so it makes me happy that we got this picture together one Sunday when he was there.
I think Eric looks extra handsome in this picture, so I wanted to make sure it made it into the Top 5.  I came home from college for his Homecoming, which was something that I loved to do!  Seeing him all dressed up is a lot of fun!!

Here you can see that my little baby brother has grown up!!  This picture is from Gammy's too, but I love that we match!!  I normally don't think we look alike, but I can see it just.a.little. in this picture!

This is my favorite picture of us, and I think Solas Photography did a great job.  I absolutely love the background and the way the colors pop!  That's a real Eric smile and I will always cherish this picture!!!

Friends may come and go, but family is forever!!

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