Thursday, January 17, 2013

Top 5 Pictures- Meghan

You know how you always wish that you had a little sister who you could boss around and she would do anything you asked her to do??  Well, I had one, and she was amazing at it.  That is until she got old enough to say no and tell me to do it myself (which I obviously deserved after having a slave for so many years!)

Before Meghan was born, the family of 4 was living in Dover.  When Mom and Dad found out they were having a surprise third child, we relocated to West York.  We moved from a three bedroom house with awesome architecture and style to an even more awesome brick and siding house with hour bedrooms.  

Little did my parents know, but when Meghan was old enough to go into their room and ask to sleep in their bed, when they said no, Meghan came to me and slept in my room.  Many nights turned into years and I ended up with a roommate until I was in junior high school!  They got me a trundle bed so that we could both sleep in my room, but we ended up sharing my twin bed with our heads at opposite ends.  So while they thought they needed to move and get Meghan her own room, they were wrong!  Having Meghan with me all the time has formed an unbreakable bond that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world!  She always gives me her honest opinion and I respect her for that.  I have enjoyed watching her grow up into the successful young lady that she is.

Here is my feeding my little baby doll of a sister (tell me she isn't the cutest baby EVER!)  What I really like is the face I am making while feeding her.  You know how you always smile when taking someone's picture?  Well apparently I always open my mouth when feeding a baby.  Who would've known!

And she gets even cuter!  My short hairstyle?  How about the fact that we are both wearing turtlenecks?  Even.better
But for real, you can really tell how much we love each other!

This is from my National Honors Society banquet and I think it's one of the sweetest pictures!  I loved being a role model to Meghan, and even if she went through an "I want to be anything BUT Malerie" phase, I love her anyway!

Although this is a repeat idea from Christmas morning, I think the blankets say it all.  Meghan and I get a character trait from our Mom that we are ALWAYS covered up.  I'm not talking about only in the winter, I am talking about ALL the time.  In the summer when it's 95 degrees out, I will have a blanket with me at Jason's baseball game.

I have absolutely no idea why this one is sideways, because it is straight on my computer.  None the less, this is Meghan and I to the tee.  First of all, one is tan, one is pasty white (love you Meg) and that is most always the case.  Meghan didn't get the tan genes like Eric and I did.  This picture cracks me up, as well and the last one I just HAVE to share
And I know I am only supposed to post 5 and I'm up to 7, but I leave you with my beautiful maid of honor

Friends come and go, but family is forever!

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