Thursday, January 24, 2013

Top 5 Pictures- Jordan

Today I decided I would pick my cousin Jordan to share my pictures with her.  On my Mom's side, I have many cousins, but Jordan was born far enough after me that I truly remember her being a baby and watching her grow up.  When she was born, I was 11, and now she's a big bad high school student!!

This picture is one of my favorites of us, and it brings back a lot of memories.  Like I said before, we went to Disney very regularly, and we alternated which side of the family came with us.  This year, it was my Mom's side, and before we went to Downtown Disney, Jordan asked if I would put makeup on her.  Now, at the time I was a middle schooler and all I wore was lip gloss and mascara (which is still true) but MAN was her Mom mad when she found out I put mascara on her.  Oops :-)

 I also mentioned that we take a beach trip with our Grandpa in September, and this was from the year Stevie made us all matching shirts that said Stallionettes on them, and Jordan was walking the boardwalk with us.  She was growing up fast!!

This picture was from Christmas 2006, and she's starting to get some grown up teeth and look older!!  (Wow, I must be just like my Mom... I referenced her teeth).

 This picture is from Christmas 2006 and she is still so adorable!  She's definitely losing the baby look and becoming more of a grown up girl!!

I am not sure who took this picture, but I love it.  She is always dressed so cute, so I love her little hat.  I think we were looking at something on my phone.  This picture is from New Years 2006 into 2007

  Jordan and I needed to get a picture together since our shirts were similar.  Of course in this picture she is standing on a chair to be as tall as me, and now she is the same size as me, but that's a whole different story.

And NOW look at her!!!  This was homecoming this year, and to see how much she has grown up makes my heart happy and sad at the same time!!  She has become such a BEAUTIFUL little high schooler and has a great head on her shoulders!  "Uncle Jason" and I love you J!!!

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