Monday, January 21, 2013

Top 5 Pictures- Karli

It blows my mind that someone can be exactly like me, and not be my sibling.  Every time Karli and I are together, we might as well share the same brain.  What bugs me, bugs her.  What excites me (like Chick-Fil-A and extra dipping sauces) excite her.  It doesn't take much to make us happy, but some people never get it right ;-)

 This picture is from Karli's Prom in 2007.  I think it's really special that most of the girl cousins on my Mom's side share a special trend of seeing each other before the big dances.  For this one, I helped Karli curl her hair at the last minute, but seeing her all dressed up each year has helped me realize that she has grown up :-)

This picture absolutely cracks me up- it is from July of 2007 and I laugh every time I see it.  We are trying to hard to be tough, but the smirks on our faces give it away!  There are an abundance of pictures from this weekend, but this is my favorite.  It sits in a "Live, Laugh, Love" frame in the Laugh section!

This picture is from the summer when Karli and I took a trip down to Baltimore for an Orioles game.  We sat in the nosebleed section, and now you couldn't drag us to a baseball game without our guys, but it was an all girls trip, and it was fun too!

This picture will forever make me laugh.  It's one of those "you are going to tell your kids" stories.  Karli decided she wanted her hair dyed.  For those of you who don't know, Karli's Mom is my Aunt Lee Lee, who is a professional hairdresser, but hey, she was away, so I was the next best substitute.  Well, we put Karli's color on and then decided to run an errand, which took longer than anticipated.  When we got back and rinsed out her color, it was much more orange than we hoped.  Maybe it was the extra time, maybe it was just the crappy hair stylist.  Either way, it makes for a great story, but only because it was able to be fixed once her Mom got home!

Karli and I both have the same giving nature.  For her 16th birthday, she decided that she wanted all of us girl cousins to go to a nursing home and hand out flowers and sing to the elderly people there.  No, we didn't know a single one of them, but as you can see by the picture, they loved it!  She definitely is a giver and it always making other people happy!

I know I am over my 5 picture limit, but I just love this picture, so I had to include it anyway.  This picture is from one of our trips to Ocean City, Maryland, and the place alone reminds me of great times.  We always have a blast at the beach and we usually take a trip with our Grandpa once a year, but have missed the trip lately.

As I have posted before, I don't have an abundance of girl friends, but having Karli more than makes up for that.  I consider her more than just my cousin, she's one of my best friends!  I got really lucky that our family is so close and that I've been able to grow up with her!!  I hope that our children get to someday grow up as close as we are!!

Friends may come and go, but family is forever!

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