Monday, January 14, 2013

Top 5 Pictures- 3 Siblings

Since I am having a really hard time deciding who to start with, I decided to start with the 3 siblings together.  The pictures will be me, my brother Eric, and my sister Meghan.  I will provide a description for each picture so that you can fully understand where it is from.

 Of course I had to start with a throwback.  This is my first day of school and Meghan and Eric were there to see me off.  Notice Meg's bleach blonde hair and Eric rocking the Yankees gear even back then (thanks Dad!)  My very favorite are my shoes, I LOVED those shoes!

 Fast forward quite a few years, and this is the first day of my senior year.  My first car, a 1999 Mercury Cougar is in the background and I drove Eric and I to school that year.  That was one of my favorite outfits and I can remember that my shirt was from Old Navy, and my skirt from Abercrombie, which would NEVER pass the dress code at my school, haha

 This picture is from my senior year of high school and I love that Meghan has a Ship sweatshirt on.  By that point, I had decided where I was going to go to college, and she was supporting me even back then!!  Eric looks like a little baby!!

This picture is from Eric's graduation and we were SO proud of him for graduating!!  I think Meghan looks so beautiful in this picture, and Eric will be happy with the way his hair looks!

 This picture makes me laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!!  I knew I wanted a picture of the three of us at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning, but this one was icing on the cake.  If you do not know it, I am the oldest, Eric is the middle, and Meghan is the youngest.  You can see that Eric and I have outgrown the cute morning person mentality of mornings by this point, and Meghan is the only one smiling anymore.  This absolutely captured our personalities to the tee.

Finally, here is one of the three of us from a vacation at the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey.  We have been fortunate enough that most years we have all be present for our family vacation, but I am not sure that will always be the case.  This was a few years ago,  but it was right after we completed our morning competitive game of miniature golf with our Dad and some other family members.

Friends will come and go, but family is forever!

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  1. This is really cool idea Malerie! I love all of the pictures :)