Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Top 5 Pictures- Mom

Today I chose my Mom to put on display.  I chose her because she has been one of the most constant and supportive things that I have going for me throughout my 25 years of existence.  And of course because without her, I wouldn't be here.
Of course I need to start out with a throwback picture, and MAN does her hair look good?!  From what I understand, I wasn't the most easy baby, so the fact that she had three more after me is pretty crazy!  She and I spent a lot of time with my Aunt Lee Lee and her son Drew since they both had off work, and the home videos are too cute for words!

 This picture is very special to me because it is when my Dad and I secretly planned a surprise 50th 25th birthday party for her at Alexander's Restaurant.  It was really hard to plan from school, but Dad was an excellent helper, and we got it done, and even surprised her!  Their surprise 25th wedding anniversary party?  That's another story since I didn't have EITHER of their help to plan it.  Thank gosh for my Aunts! (more about them later)

This picture is from my friends Emily and Tyler's wedding.  Their wedding was fabulous and it was the first wedding that Jason and I were both in together, so it meant a lot to us that Emily and Tyler invited our parents as well since we had all been at baseball games together.  I think my Mom looks beautiful here, so I wanted to make sure I included it!

The roles were reversed for this one, and my Mom and my awesome bridesmaids planned me the BEST surprise bridal shower.  I know the pictures are supposed to be of her, but in case you were wondering if they truly surprised me, I think that this proves it:
They even got Pastor Wayne in on the surprise because they had me convinced that Jason and I were there for one of the pre-marriage sessions that you go through before he will marry you.  Little did I know, they were all LIARS!  The shower was great, it was all of my favorite foods and all of my favorite people in one place!  I truly am so blessed!

The last picture that I picked was from our Rehearsal Dinner which was graciously put together by my in-laws at Bistro 19.  We had never been there and the setting was perfect!  I love this picture because it is the last picture we took together as Barton girls! 

Friends may come and go, but family is forever!

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  1. Your mom is gorgeous, Malerie! I know where you get it from now :)